Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Testing, testing....

I am testing out a new voice recorder (and trying to break the habit of calling the device a "tape recorder!).

"Come Sheep" is an evening meditation song that I more frequently just play on the piano as a transition between some of my other piano tunes. The simple piano arrangement is as restful to my fingers as the words are to my soul. But I don't have all--or any--of the verses memorized, so if I sing it during daily life, it is just the chorus and "lalala"...but I still feel the peace it evokes.

The chorus is based on the call I use for my own sheep flock: "Come, sheep; Mabel, Taylor, Come, sheep." They know the sing-song well, and at least the older the dairy ewes do in fact know their names.


  1. OK, progress. You can click on the song title in the blog, and it will hijack you to the SoundCloud page where you can click the big arrow and hear the tune and read all the comments. Not terribly graceful, but I am looking forward to including the sounds of the farm in Reports from the Farm, and including hymns and such here.

  2. Loved it. I agree - very peaceful :)